NAXS was established in 2007 to make the Nordic private equity market accessible to a wider range of investors.

NAXS was established in 2007 as a way to offer a liquid investment in private equity, a traditionally illiquid asset class. The ambition was to give a wider range of investors an opportunity to benefit from the value created by the best private equity managers in the Nordic region.

2007 – NAXS is established and raises SEK 600 million in a share issue

2007 – The share is listed on First North in Stockholm

2007 – NAXS makes its first investment, a commitment of SEK 60 million to Valedo I

2009 – The NAXS share is listed on First North Premier

2010 – First exit in NAXS' portfolio when Valedo I divests Solhaga group

2010 – The NAXS share starts trading on NASDAQ Stockholm’s main list

2012 – NAXS pays its first dividend , SEK 0.40 per share

2016 - NAXS adopts a wider investment policy