Daniel Gold, Chairman

Mr. Gold (born 1968) has built and managed QVT Financial LP (“QVT”) since its inception, starting with a proprietary trading group at Deutsche Bank A ... Read more

Meg Eisner, Member of the board

Ms. Eisner (born 1986) is a partner at QVT and acts as its Chief Compliance Officer. Prior to joining QVT in 2007, Ms. Eisner earned ... Read more

Nikolai Jebsen, Member of the board

Mr. Jebsen (born 1984) is an independent consultant and investor. He was previously the Chief Financial Officer of Aurora LPG, a publicly-traded provider of liquid ... Read more

Synne Syrrist , Member of the board

Ms. Syrrist (born 1972) is an independent business consultant and has extensive experience as a non-executive director of both private and public companies. Ms. Syrrist ... Read more