Cash per share

Cash & cash equivalents in relation to the number of shares. Read more


The year that a private equity fund begins to make investments on behalf of those investors. Read more

ROI (return on investment)

The proceeds from an investment, during a specific time period, calculated as a percentage of the original investment. Read more


The use of debt to acquire assets Read more


A sector of the private equity industry, where the investment strategy is to purchase a controlling interest in a company. Read more

Carried Interest

The share in the capital gains of a private equity fund which is allocated to the general partner. Typically, a fund must return the capital ... Read more


The direct investment by a limited partner alongside a general partner in a portfolio company Read more

Equity per share

Equity in the relation to the weighted number of shares. Read more

Limited Partnership

A legal entity composed of a general partner and various limited partners. The general partner manages the investments and is liable for the actions of ... Read more

Management Fee

A fee charged to the limited partners in a fund by the general partner, or the fee charged to investors in a fund of funds ... Read more