Kamux IPO tillbakadragen och notering kancellerad

The Board of Kamux Corporation (“Kamux” or “Company”) has decided to discontinue the initial public offering announced on 20 May 2016. The Board has also decided to cancel the listing of Kamux for trading on the official list of NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd, and has submitted a cancellation notice of its listing application to NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.

The Board of Kamux Corporation decided to discontinue the initial public offering because it was discovered during the offer period that payroll tax and other social security costs attributable to the Company have not been paid for several years for certain compensations in kind for some individuals. Having also consulted the Lead Manager of the listing, the Company considers it in the best interest of investors to discontinue the listing process. It is important for the Company to act in a transparent and responsible manner.

When first informed of the irregularities, the Board immediately commissioned an outside consultant to investigate the matter. According to an initial assessment carried out over the weekend preceding the publication of this stock exchange release, the total amount of the payroll tax and social security costs unpaid, including interest and other tax implications, would be approximately 60,000 euros. Based on the investigation commissioned by the Board, the Company has immediately contacted the tax authorities to further investigate the irregularities and to pay the outstanding payroll tax and social security costs appropriately.

Chairman of the Board Matti Virtanen:

“We can only act responsibly, take care of the matter, and thereby enable the Company’s listing in the future. For this reason, we have decided to interrupt the initial public offering. The situation is extremely unfortunate, especially considering the strong interest in the Company among investors.”

Furthermore, the Company has received an initial compensation claim from one of its former shareholders related to the purchase price of shares, which KMX Holding Oy (now Kamux Corporation) purchased from the shareholder at a price agreed in spring 2015. The amount claimed is approximately 10 million euros. The Company considers both the claim and its amount unfounded, and will respond to the claim accordingly. The claim had no impact on the decision to cancel the listing of the Company’s shares.

According to the Terms and Conditions of the Offering, the paid subscription prices in the public and personnel offering will be refunded to subscribers approximately three (3) banking days after the decision by the Board of Directors to cancel the offering. If the investor’s bank account is in another financial institution than the subscription place, the refund will be paid to the investor’s Finnish bank account in accordance with the payment schedule of the financial institutions, approximately no more than five (5) banking days after such decision by the Board of Directors of the Company. No interest will be paid on such repaid funds.

For further information

Matti Virtanen, Chairman of the Board, Kamux Corporation, +358 50 434 7676

Juha Kalliokoski, CEO, Kamux Corporation, +358 50 544 5538


Kamux Corporation

Kamux is a retail chain specializing in the sale of used cars and related integrated services. Kamux started its operations in 2003, and Kamux currently has 34 car showrooms in Finland, nine in Sweden and it opened its first car showroom in Germany in December 2015. Since its foundation, the company has sold more than 110,000 used cars. In 2015, Kamux sold 28,515 cars, its revenue was EUR 310 million and adjusted EBIT was EUR 16 million, resulting in an adjusted EBIT margin of 5.2 percent, and it employed 271 FTEs on average. Kamux’s business is based on professional procurement and sale of used cars, low fixed costs, rapid inventory turnover and sales of integrated services.


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